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..a little in America \ …немножко в Америке (русский текст внизу)

Today I’ve discovered there are good donuts in Russia. Until recently things like that were strange to the culture here. Just a year ago you wouldn’t have been able to find one anywhere and now I see donuts places pop up all over Moscow month after month. A while ago Dunking Donuts was open in Moscow, and now there are many little places you could get one, two or a bunch of different ones. I was even more surprised seeing the same price of $.80 for a glazed regular one and $1.22 for the chocolate one and so on…well. Neat and pretty Newyorky I think… at least as it comes to prices.
Living in Russia I sometimes miss some normal, regular things that any of us would hardly notice happening to them regularly. Eating that goddamned donut (damn, how tasty they are!!!), rushing to work in the morning, cup of hot coffee in hands, or just getting a double cap on the way somewhere. It is so nice and yet we tend to not notice those things integrated into our daily routine. We never think that certain things we are so used to may not be available somewhere else and that people may have never tried those. Now that I am in Russia, at times I have this urge to get a coffee from a Starbucks for $3-4USD and not for $10 like in Moscow. I have missed going to a local Dunkin' Donuts at PG Plaza in Maryland’s Hyattsville, or the one on 3rd Av. and 26th street in New York where I once was dozing off early in the morning and ended up falling asleep right at the table for nearly an hour. And I do miss those little kiosks all around New York where at 7am I could get some really fresh donuts. Haha, as you can see I am awake that early not because I am a morning person but rather because I’d hung around NYC nights through. So today in Moscow, when I discovered that little Donuts place as I got out of the subway, I rushed in and then was hurrying home to make some hot black tea in a paper cup and eat my donuts that by the way tasted quite similar to the US ones and it was then at home when I felt, at least for a little while, a little in the U.S. once again!


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