20th Century Fox - AleX (20th_centur_fox) wrote,
20th Century Fox - AleX

Its easier to say "I'm fine." Rather than explain why you're not.

I'ts easier to say "I'm fine." Rather than explain why you're not.
Running a close shave, feeling so congested and lacking every reason to remain or even sleep. It is one of these night when depression is crawling into my being. Doesn’t happen very often but happens nonetheless. Here I am, feeling like a whining rag, I also feel like I failed and some of my friends no longer like me. I am a RAGGEDY! I feel somewhat uncool and not worth hanging out with. I am trying to shove the feeling away but still feel miserable without any grounds to – that I perfectly realize. I guess this is just a night when I feel unsatisfied about something I don’t even know. Never mind I have a vacation coming up next week to a country I’ve longed to visit for years – Emirates, and while I am so extremely excited about the opportunity it is in no way makes me feel any better at this particular moment. I know my holidays will have come to an end in no time. Perhaps the best thing to do is to go to bed. Why does It feel like a painful challenge? its 4:44 am, what a weird time, it had to be 4:44 when I looked over at the clock. Should it mean something? Is it even normal to feel slightly depressed about nothing? I do feel like I see people I want to see less than I should, and I feel I am not the one to blame. The harder I work on it the more desperate I become, the lesser desired frequency becomes. I am not talking about a particular person rather than a few. A few make a good number.

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